Recuperative Care


Cozy Living Home Care understands that recovering from surgery, illness or injury can take time.  Everyone feels relieved when a loved one returns from a stay at the hospital. Things often seem as they are returning to normal. However, shortened hospital stays often lead to a longer period of care and recovery at home. You or your loved one will probably not be able to go back to your normal routine right away.


Cozy Living Home Care understands how difficult it can be to arrange for the care and assistance needed for recovery. We can help you get that extra help you need so you can rest, relax, get well and get back to your normal self again. If you require help in your home when you are ill or injured or following a hospital stay we can help with any of your non-medical needs.


Cozy Living Home Care also provides a service to help you before you go to the hospital. Some of the things we can help with are:


  • Go with you to the doctor
  • Write down key points about: your condition, your treatment, your expected length of time in the hospital, your expected state of health after the treatment
  • Arrange a phone and/or television for you
  • Pick up items you may want from the store
  • Go with you to and from the hospital
  • Help with questions such as:
    • What will I be able to do when I get home?
    • What will I need help with when I get home?
    • For how long will I need this help?
    • What equipment will I need when I go home?
  • Names and phone numbers of loved ones to take with you
  • Helping you arrange your toiletries, clothing, personal items, prescribed and herbal medication and allergy list, books, magazines, paper and pen, a small amount of cash for snacks and any other incidentals.



 To learn more about our many services and how we can customize them to meet your needs please give us a call at (613) 482-3338 or (613) 285-1989. You can also email us 


 Regardless of your age Cozy Living Home Care is here to help you.