I appreciate the help I receive from Cozy Living Home Care. The service is wonderful for older people who need that extra help or companionship. The caregiver can do various tasks- cleaning, cooking, errands for groceries – anything that an older person needs. It is a great service to help older people stay in their own homes longer. I am 100% satisfied with this company and my caregiver.

-Viola McMachen - Athens, ON


Our caregiver is a very respectable, nice lady. She tries very hard to do everything I need done including raking my front lawn. She came on her day off twice to celebrate our birthdays and made it very fun by bringing party hats and blowers, very caring and kind.

-Melba Francis - Spencerville, ON


If everyone was as thoughtful and caring as our care giver in this world, it would be a lot better place. We are very happy to have met her.

-Lawrence Francis - Spencerville, ON


Our caregiver is a good person and is doing a nice job. We are 100% satisfied when she comes, we have no complaints. I really enjoy her company. She is polite and I feel comfortable with her. The program is very good, she does my groceries, makes my lunch and helps with anything I ask.

-Peter VanRyn - Brockville, ON


Our caregiver is pleasant. We need her for groceries. She suggested changing her day for Easter weekend so we could still get our groceries. She is a good cook.

-Bridgette VanRyn - Brockville, ON


We are very blessed to have so much help in our home and such great and caring workers. Our caregiver assists me with groceries every week, she does all the work like loading and unloading her car. She is very thoughtful. My husband wasn’t eating much, so she made cadbury mini egg cookies for his birthday and he ate 4 out of the 6 she brought us. We look forward to seeing her every week, as my husband always asks when she is coming again. She is a great sound board for me and we are very satisfied with her.

-Elenor Wright - Delta, ON


She is a fantastic helper for Elenor. She is always smiling, very easy going and is very polite, which makes me comfortable with her. She makes good cookies. Being from the same small town, her and I always have stories and we can relate to each others because we usually know the people involved in the story. This is a great company to be involved with.

-Stewart Wright - Delta, ON


Very happy with Cozy Living and our cargiver. Fits in well with clients way of life. She has been very helpful for my husband and myself.

-Mary 'Lee' and Walter Dyer - Perth, ON


Since becoming a client of Cozy Living Home Care, I now find I am far more relaxed and content knowing I no longer have to endure the pain and anxiety, I was experiencing, attempting to keep up to my own high expectations of chores within my home. The attention I receive from both, the administration and my own personal caregiver are exceptional and much appreciated. Extremely greatful for the excellent help and support I receive from both my personal caregiver and person's within administration. I most certainly could not manage without them.

-Elizabeth Leary - Gananoque, ON


Really loves and appreciated our service.

-Waltraud Stellmacher - Westport, ON


Cozy Living is a very good service and I am very pleased with my caregiver. She is very pleasant and a good worker.

-Helen Sullivan - Westport, ON


A great service, which allows elderly clients to stay in their homes longer. My caregiver is punctual, pleasant, respectful and willing to do anything asked.

-Helen Pierluigi -Maberly, ON


Cozy Living is a great program to be with. I wasn't wanting the help at first, but after having my caregive come a couple of times, we got talking and realized we knew a lot of the same people, which makes me feel a lot more comfortable with this program. She is always early and ready to work,  very helpful and always smiling(which is comforting and great to see) and before leaving even if her time is up, asks if there is anything else I need. She completes my laundry, washes my bathroom and floors. She is very respectful of myself and my property, she never oversteps me by knowing what stuff I still like to do even though she is there to help me. There are times when we just sit and visit for a while, and I appreciate that she stays to do so and always has stories to share. I am very satisfied with the company and the support they offer. Everyone I've met or spoke to with this company are very friendly, pleasant and willing to help. I am glad I took the help, I appreciate it very much.

Mary 'June' Brown -Elgin, ON